A Letter from our Founder

My journey in creating LuvPlusMe began in 2013 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. The painful symptoms which had begun years beforehand finally had a name. Following my first laparoscopic surgery which brought about my diagnosis, I began a long and arduous journey through several surgeries, debilitating pain, and too many emergency room visits to count. Unfortunately, the disease intensified after each excisional surgery progressing to stage four and spreading throughout my reproductive organs, bladder, diaphragm, and even my liver. Finally in 2016, at thirty years old with a husband and no children, I had to make the devastating decision to undergo a total hysterectomy.

Endometriosis is a terrible disease and affected every aspect of my life including my skin.  These skin problems prompted me to search for the highest quality products that were natural, gentle, and chemical free. I tried many products before finally discovering the ones that were exactly what I needed. My skin improved, and the color selection was beautiful. Delighted with my results, I was inspired to create a company to share them with the world.

My hope is that you will love these products as much as I do and that together we can improve the lives of others. For this reason, LuvPlusMe is devoted to donating a portion of every sale to endometriosis research in hopes of one day finding a cure for this disease.

With Luv,


“...the greatest of these is love.”